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 FritzImages is focused on exploring creative outdoor photography at various Northeast travel locations, reviewing gear and providing a resource of experiences and information to like minded photographers.

Q3 2015 Projects

Sell Prints and Downloads OnLine
Train on Luminance Masks
UpDate Mac Pro GPU | USB 3 PCi
Hotel Marketing
Attend NECCC Conference
Create Gear Template
Clean Upgrade to Yosetime
Fix Legacy Nexgen/Shiba
Update/Cull Galleries
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Moose Peterson

Moose Peterson


Moose on location in Florida grabbing aviation images

Ed Fritz is a very gifted photographer sharing his world through his photography. He takes incredible joy and spends endless hours in the pursuit of the polished pixel. My longest running MLP, Ed took his time working on his photographic message to find his own path in visual communication. He does a good job and you can find more of his images, his message in the current BT Journal and on his blog.

You’ll learn from this gifted shooter as his continues his journey with his camera.

Moose PetersonWildlife & Aviation Photographer working to enlighten the public about their wild heritage through photography. Moose is the author of Captured & Taking FlightWildlife Photography

Vincent Versace

fritzimages- OZ man

Fritzimages is the place I go first thing to see what, really going on. This site has helped me figure out the best way to do things as well as finding out news I had no idea was happening.

Best blog since sliced bread.

Vincent VersaceFine Art Photographer, author part time super hero and short order cook.Digital Natural Light Photography

Essdras Suarez


Essdras Suarez

Essdras Suarez on workshop location in Boston‘s North end[/caption]

I’ve had the pleasure of having Ed at a couple of photo workshops I have taught and he’s always been immediately noticeable. He is a guy who stands out because of his kindness, professionalism, attention to detail, artistic eye and for his ability to relate to his subjects.

He analyzes photo situations from every possible angle and is not afraid to experiment while making images.

About Essdras Suarez: Essdras was honored in 2000 as a Pulitzer prizewinner for his work at the Columbine tragedy and since 2002 has been staff photographer at the Boston Globe. In addition to covering National events, he has traveled to over thirty countries covering international news stories, including the invasion of Iraq, tsunami in Indonesia and the Haiti earthquake.  He has been a workshop leader to various Latin America countries and has been featured speaker at several colleges. Essdras also has his black belt in Taijutsu and has been married for 23 years.

Essdras SuarezPulitzer prizewinner Boston Globe Staff photographer. Founder of visYoga™ Married for 21 yearsEssdrass Suarez