Marumi DHG Super Circular PLD aka Polarizer filter

Ever since I was tipped off by my filter folks up in NH to this Japanese manufacture, I have been switching over my C-Pol filters to marumi dhg super circular from the iconic German made B+W KSM C-POL MRC.  There is also a head to head comparison by Lenstip of 24 filters manufactures, and the Marumi tied for first, with guess who, yep B+W.

For me what makes Marumi that much better is a lower price, better availability, a black matt finish on the paint, less weight,,,but the best feature is it is half the width of the B+H.  This starts to really matter when you need to stack filters, such as a ND and then go ultra wide angle, then the Marumi thin width prevents annoying filter vignetting.

Fritzimages Marumi DHG Super Circular Filter

B+H filter on left, Marumi 67mm and 52mm (middle & right)

I own both filters, and I find the lens stack-up becomes more of an issue in the longer days of summer. With sunset at 8:30pm you can still have some very strong light at 5-7, and your gonna be shooting by reflecting water, streams, grass, flowers and other features/subjects that should be shot with a C-POL .  And please compare apples to apples when looking/researching filters. Each word in a B+W filter description has significance, price and performance, so be careful what you buy, and who you buy from !

The other point to be made is that my 52mm B+H is a slim mount model, so it is effectively the same width as the Marumi, but it has no front threads, so you can’t add another filter, or even use your Nikon lens cap  cover the len/filter, plus the plastic cap that covers the front of the filter, wilts in heat, so it is useless and if you handle it often you may loose the cap, or it’ll fall off n your pocket and perhaps pick up a scratch…and I don’t like to baby the filters, put them on, take em off, lets go…..err where is the cap, yikes the $90 filters is bouncing in my pocket with the keys, and then there is that performance issue…oops that shot looks bad, to bad I shot wide open and the Image corners have filter edge vignette blackened …ugh…so to the rescue is Marumi, because B +W is still two years late to the market with a slim C-POL with front threads..(B&W  may have a slim Cpol this year…yawn..same story in ’09)

Test results from LensTip.com (note #2 rating for marumi dhg super circular):

Pricing and availability at my supplier of Choice for all Filters: THE FILTER CONNECTION

Why Filter Connection, —> they are polite, prompt, professional, pleasing, knowledgeable, and focused on Filters,,,the big guys don’t give a damn about your $90 for your filter, and they sure will not teach you about them, and you can spend two days on their site researching/investigating and still be befuddled with terms/pricing .  The Filter connection has a nice site layout, has various manufactures, describes the models, shows prices and availability using a simple Matrix, and their prices are less expensive, and finally they will ship US mail, so it’ll be in your mail box in a two or three days….really a no-brainer as to spending your hard earned cash with a company that is truly unique place to do business with……

Here is a sample for comparison for a 52mm filter, based on the lenstip recommendations

  • 52mm B+W Kaesemann MRC Circular Polarizer (has front threads aka F-Pro mount) $96.11
  • 52mm B+W Kaesemann MRC Circular Polarizer (no front threads :( SLIM) $75.55
  • 52mm Marumi Super DHG Digital Circular Polarizer (slim w/front threads) $70.43

So give the marumi dhg super circular a try, (it is $26 less that B+W KAZ MRC CPOL) but you won’t be disappointed ! ………Just don’t get that B + W SLIM without front threads…..

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