Transmit 4

During my foray into the world of web design, I came across a Paid FTP application for Macs that really rocks.  I had been using a free app called CuteFTP Mac, that I was turned on to by RC Concepcion ,over at KelbyTraining.  CuteFTP was free and well cute…and has done me well for the past year, but when I got into some very heavy uploading/downloading it really bogged down. So I researched some other FTP apps and nothing seemed to compare to the feature rich, well designed Transmit 4.  Besides winning all the coveted MAC awards this application just gets more of my attention with each use as I explore it in ‘go-to’ situations.

An example is this screen shot, here I’m trying to ID which HDD partition that I have a file on to upload….the GUI  for navigation is great, the file path are right out there to see and track:

The next feature is a sync program that you can use to create a FTP backup, rather than downloading your entire sire from your server”

and I’m sure that sooner or later I’ll be taking advantage of mounting FTP disks or even a Amazon S3 CDN, as advertised:

and the feature that gives this a ‘go-get‘ rating is SPEED. Transmit 4 delivers some impressive results

  1. 4x – List files
  2. 18x- Download files
  3. 2x – Delete Files
  4. 25x – Upload files

Be prepared to payout some cash $34 for this little app, or keep a look out for discounts…

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