First Look Nikon SB 910

I just unpacked my new Nikon SB 910 from B&H and thought I’d put up a post for those considering a first time purchase or an upgrade or an addition to your collection. The photo gallery shows the Nikon SB 900 on the left and the new Nikon SB 910 on the right. Also shown are a 52mm lens cap (for scale) and the SB910 filter shields (far right)

My first impression is the similarity of the overall body specs between these flashes, in fact you would be hard-pressed to distinguish the SB910 from the recently discontinued SB900.

However, I took these low light images to give you a sense of one new feature that made me look into buying this flash. I’m often using the flash in low light situations and fumbling around for the correct buttons has been frustrating. That coupled with the  less than intuitive button location makes for a few,  ‘ah the heck with it’ moments.

Nikon has redesigned the user interface and improved the layout ergonomics.

  1. The SB910 now illuminates about two times brighter, (note: both displays lumination settings are the same).
  2. There is a new dedicated menu button. Gone is the holding the “ok” button on the SB900 for the hidden menu revel.
  3. The top three buttons (led illuminated now)provide easy immediate access to adjust your zoom, EV, aperture.

The internal working of the SB 910 now includes an improved thermal heat monitoring system, and although I never have had any issues with my SB900, I have read that this was a major complaint. This flash still has its 17-200mm angle of view and its three illumination patterns.  I have also just started looking into the flash menu and have noticed a few more settings which I’ll need to research more to get an opinion on.

I installed four Sanyo XX eneloop 2500mAh NIMH batteries and the flash cycle of around 2 seconds seemed a tad faster than the SB900.

Last but not least, the SB 910 comes in a Cube pouch and includes two very nifty filter shields for florescent and incandescent white balancing. Gone are the gels supplied with the SB900.  The shield type will be detected when installed on the flash.

FritzImages | First Look Nikon SB 910 | image name = F1 Digit Serial Number 20111219 0004 ny sb910 first look 600x450

left SB900 right SB910