Ft. DeSoto

Fritz Image Ft DeSoto

Fort Desoto (the outermost eastern tip) looks directly across the bay to the Peace Bridge.  The water depth just off shore is only a few feet high,, and the location facing into the morning eastern sun, is perfect for shorebirds, and glamourous sunrises… But right now, I am shooting the bridge, and trying various framing and lens selections to find an image that captures the moment and a Moose Peterson said, ‘tugs on your heartstrings a bit.

This shot is taken at five am, with the NIKON 105mm, the sun will rise in 2 1/2 hours, and I am just gazing at the stars and this fantastic imagery of the peace-bridge as it appears in camera as a shade of yellow-green.

What a great way to start any morning, especially after a great PSW and knoing that I have escaped a NY snowstorm of a foot of snow……I was able to my some big glass on a few of the local scampering shorebirds and will be posting them up over the next few days.

I’ll also put up some more info on PSW 2011, there was a lot going on, a lot was learned  and everyone seemed to enjoy the time away from the rest of world…

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    Fort DeSoto is really stunning Ed! It sound like you had a great time at PSW 2011!

    Small suggestion on new site…it is difficult to find the log in link…you might want to make it more obvious on the home page….just a thought!

    I get inspired by your images every time I visit…