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Well, if you followed yesterdays Post, this was the scene behind the snowflake filter. Yea…my bagel place, I have been coming here for years, it is the sort of place that is 15 minutes from your house and you before that long stretch of driving on the super highway, you stop, load up on a good cup of joe and then gnash on a bagel that is not mass produced or part of a big chain.   They still have those mom and pop places around, you just need to know where they are.

So yesterdays Post , had me shooting snowflakes on my windshield.  A few moments after that, the car heater kicks in and the winter wonderland abstract melts away to the jaded tired storefront with it’s Christmas garnish still up.  Interesting how the snowflake filter changes perception and adds a bit of drama….Give it try…..Or shoot raindrops or perhaps bubbles.. I seen some very compelling Images by Jay Maisel and Vincent Versace just shooting simple subjects with great focus on light, color and the gesture of simplicity in motion…

  • Jan Winther

    Hi Ed,

    I know its been a while. Cant say why though. I’ll be sure to check in on a more regular basis. You touch on some really good subjects.

    As for you site, I was messing around with Google Chrome (which i really like) yesterday, and your site looks pretty good in that one. The warning_preg message does not appear there.

  • http://fritzimages.com Fritz

    Hi Jan, I’ve located where the bug (preg_message) is coming from, and it definitely impacts Microsoft’s IE, especially the older SW versions As a matter of fact, I pulled my old windows PC out of retirement, to check this site and to find the error message you reported. The plugin developed knows about the issue but doesn’t have a fix…I may try reverting to a prior revision of the plugin…Firefox, and Google Chrome are more tolerant of the problem, and both of those browsers are very speedy and also represent colors better than IE….

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