1812 Scituate Lighthouse

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The pilgrims settled and lived in Scituate around 1627. In the early 1800’s the small fishing village started the process to fund and build a light house. It was interesting to image that 200 years after the lighthouse was finally constructed and its signature prism light installed that I’d be laying head deep in bunch of boulders taking digital images of this Iconic lighthouse.  Each time I visit here the character of  the Scituate lighthouse has changed due to the wardrobe of the surf or sky. It is a unique structure and location and now has a 200 year old birthday.

When you visit here it’s not to hard to Image the story that during the war of 1812, a British warship that was intent on invading the area, was put off, by the lighthouse keepers daughters playing the fife and drum simulating the town militia. Then in 1956, during a raging ‘noreaster, the Italian Freighter Etrusco grounded here in the blizzard without losing any hands.

There are hundreds of Images of the lighthouse, the locals say its the most photographed lighthouse, which is what the locals say about the Nubble lighthouse, or the locals says about the Portland lighthouse.  I guess all lighthouse’s have an Iconic allure that pulls our sense of time and imagination back hundreds of years.  There is something that is settling and dependable, when dusk thru dawn the beat of the beacon swings past your eyes and you watch and wait for the next pulse of light.  test When you combine these senses with the fact that for most of our history as a nation, this lighthouse has been silently signaling its safety light to its citizens you tend to realize the stewardship that has become your responsibility.

For a photographer, motivated with these thoughts, isolated in the pre morning dawn and listening to lap of the sea surf, you have created your muse. The next step is to try and capture that mood in camera. I was using my D4 w/24-70mm f/2.8 at ISO 100. I did not use a tripod or ground pod, I stuck everything into a small pit of boulders for support, waited for some interesting cloud patterns and rolled my fingers on the shutter and waited for 30 seconds, adding my time here to the historical collection of moments.

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