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[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t’s been a rewarding journey since my first post on 11/13/2009 (below).  The initial effort to setup a blog, find a ‘theme’, find a host provider and establish a ‘voice’ was not easy but it has been a rewarding therapy. The capacity to learn and explore and create in photography seems limitless.  Whenever I seem to be almost be “getting it’, something new comes along to learn which hopefully improves my craft.

I am not a ‘film old-timer‘, I ventured into digital photography with the Nikon D3 ‘full frame’ DLSR release. Once I learned as much as I could in the virtual world, I began going to photo workshops and the real learning began and still continues.  It was at my first workshop that Moose Peterson asked the class, ‘what are you going to do with all those images on your hard drive?’…that challenge set me off into this web site.

Five hundred blogs later it still motivates me to put out quality Images and to try and provide real world workflow tips and techniques so that a serious amateur can benefit my experiences, travels or mistakes.

For those that have been following me from the beginning or that have met me in-between, thanks very much for your support, comments and ‘eyeballs’ on this website.  Each new or return visitor makes a difference in how I push myself and get motivated to create my Images and write these posts.   Thanks !!


FritzImages | #500 Moab Utah | image name = 20091113 0343 NY Moose NYC cc web1


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