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I’m not to sure if you ever had the occasion to have to rename your folder file contents, or maybe you had to resequence the numbers of your files in the folder, or perhaps you needed to do both at the same time.  Well, I’m often faced with the task of renaming or renumbering because I might not reset my ingest workflow properly or maybe I did not like the name of my folder and internal files.  In my early years I just acquiesced  to the fact that I was just going to have to let my images be numbered or be titled incorrectly because it was too labor consuming and error prone to go thru a thousand images and renumber them myself.

However out of frustration came a Google search and search and search and try and try and try until I discovered this little gem of a software.  Most Mac users are using another MAC software called Drag Thing to store their most used applications. Shown below is my Drag Thing folder category named Photo, and I can tell you that A Better Finder Rename 8 is a go to application time and time again and has save me all sorts of time and frustration when I have had an issue with a file name or number sequence.

Fritzimages DragThing

A BetterFinder Rename


The user interface is very clean, simple and intuitive to use.  Once you have opened the application, you can drag the folder that you want to work on directly onto the application window on the left panel, ‘Current Name’ .  The inspector on the far left lets you define what you want to do, i.e. remove text, re-sequence or you can activate more than one action.  The application panel to the far right ‘ Change to’ shows you the preliminary results and if all is okay then you can ‘perform renames’ and the application goes thru all your file names and cleanly updates them all……

Fritzimages A better finder renamer 8

Better Finder User Interface

As a user of this software for many years on a number of different machines I have watched this software constantly improve and evolve. It keeps getting better with time. You can tell when a piece of software has a developer and team who are passionate about quality and performance and that is when they release new flawless performance updates every month.

  • Version 8.94 is OS X 10. 6 and 10.7 Lion OSX Compatible
  • Version 8.76 is OS X 10.5
  • There is a windows version
  • Tutorials are available

This is one application that you will want to keep handy and for a trial download or if you want to dig deeper follow this Link: A Better Finder Rename


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