Ausable Chasm Revisited with DXOv8

FritzImages | Ausable Chasm Revisited with DXOv8 | image name = Ausable Chasm Revisted V I0

I recently went back thru my October images of an autumn morning at Ausable Chasm in upstate NY. I kept looking thru a series of 5am shots that I had taken where the light recorded was a fine grey-blue fog hovering within the trees and similar cool grey-blue misty moisture moving up from the falls.

It was an Image that spoke of the serenity of the environment and the muffled quite roar of the chasm at predawn. It was to me a very appealing moment that I had somehow overlooked.

Raw Convertors

When I began to process my Nikon D4 unconverted RAW Image thru my standard workflow (Nikon NEF  to Nikon Capture NX2) I was seeing on my calibrated Wacom Cintique  the mist and the proper colors of the scene.  However, upon export to Adobe CS6, my Nikon TIFF was being processed with an unappealing output of green smearing and striations in between the two center waterfalls.  It appears the nuances and fragility of the cool colors of the mist could not be handled by the Adobe CS6 tiff conversion. I tried all sorts of workaround workflows and near the end of an hour of trials I was disappointed that what I saw and captured was not going to be shared due to technology.

To the rescue, was a product that was recently announced as having a new version release, DxO OpticsPro v8.  I upgraded my version and for some reason their RAW convertor in DXO was able to push the RAW image exactly as shot and the fine misty portion of the scene was processed accurately.  So with this success, I’ll pay more attention to evaluating my workflow to get a truer representation of my Images by moving from Adobe Camera Raw to DXO.  NAPP Members don’t forget to use your discount

FritzImages | Ausable Chasm Revisited with DXOv8 | image name = DXO V8