Birch Park Sunrise

FritzImages | Birch Park Sunrise | image name = Birch Park Sunrise

The summer sunrise comes very early and pushing yourself to head out to a rural Maine coastline to capture an Image is your goal. I’ll take a quick check for the tides and the weather whenever I’m near the seashore. This can give you a bit of ecosystem story for your shoot. If the tide is headed in, you more likely to get some nice waves and  any change of weather can mean a saturated sunrise.

I had been to the Birch Park beach site once before and was unable to explore it fully until after sunrise. I was surprised that the beach cliff rocks swung around and opened up in this vast lagoon. So here I was two years later headlamp on waiting for the sun and sea to open shop.

I was visually pleased with the sunrise and took a number of horizontal shots. However just a minute or so after the sun had broken the horizon, a patch of seawater sparkled as the sun glazed it when the water swelled and broke on the rocks in front of me.

It wasn’t long before I realized that I had an interesting vertical shot, so I set everything up quickly and capture this Image.  One trick to getting the orange glows of a cool morning, is to simply set AWB from Auto to cloudy or shade.

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