Create Your Light

Fritzimage create your light

I was reflecting on what I was doing a year ago by going over some of my older Images.  When I came to this image, it dawned on me that we are drawn not only to the luminance of light but also how we must create our own light.  It was a year ago that I met with my daughter in Boston’s Quincey Market to later visit the admissions office of the college of her dreams.  She had heard the dad speech a few times about  ’sometimes the boat does not come into the harbor and you have to swim out to it’ and decided that it was time for her to take matters in her own hands.  I was very proud to be her emotional escort that morning.  A lot has happened since that day, she’s done very well her first semester and she is on a path that she created and which is nurtured by her family and friends.

It seems that we all at times are asked to make new demands of ourselves and then take our ideas to action and to chase that Light we have created.  The enemy of Creating Your Light is a shadow of self doubt which has an inky harbor of inactivity but once you start creating your light it has infinite variations in directions and intensity to match your passion and dreams. Go Maddy !


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