Epson 3880 Printer and MacPro Ethernet and ImagePrint

After purchasing ImagePrint, I got caught in a technical jam that after 10 hours I was finally able to unravel. Nowhere did I find any easy step by step instruction. Each supplier has their own manual and you can only hope that you can interpret their tech speak. On top of that changing internal settings for networks and IP addresses makes me a bit woozy, so after I figured it all out, it is time to share, so someone else does not have to go thru this stuff.

Scope: To use an open ethernet port on the MacPro and attach e-cable to an Epson 3880, then configure the ImagePrint sw to work with the 3880.

Answer: After screwing around by myself for several hours, the epiphany moment came from a google search:  The big secret is that we will need to create a set of unique IP addresses.

1) This is the Big Secret

  • It comes down to this simple answer. You need to create dissimilar IP addresses from the IP address that are being used on your Macpro Ethernet port#1. Then configure your MacPro then your 3880 then your Imageprint software.
  • Example address MACpro/3880
  • (already used if you have a Mac router) so use one of the other two

2) Configure your MacPro.

Goto System Preferences/Internet&Wireless/Network

  • Create an Ethernet #2 if it not available
  • Set the Configure Ipv4 to Manually
  • Assign an IP Address which is different from Ethernet 1. Example Addresses are: or or
  • The Ethernet will not show “Green” or connected until the printer is configured.
  • You will soon be configuring the 3880 so write down
  • IP Address
  • Subnet Mast
  • Router # is the default information from Ethernet#1

3) Configure your Epson 3880 IP settings

You will need to goto the panel on your Epson 3880 for the next few configuration steps


You will need to set the IP address manually. Why. Because the ImagePrint software requires a manual IP setting.

So these are the worst EPSON INSTRUCTIONS ever…….. this is what you will need to do (it is simple)
  • Remember the IP address that you put into your MacPro/Network/Ethernet#2..good…write them down…
  • On the Epson 3880…you will be prompted to add those IP#: for example
  • IP (you can hold down key to scroll at dot XXX dot)
  • NOTE: The last digit changed from .001 to .002
  • SM
  • DG
  • then press return !

See if what you did is correct ! Put the IP address into your Browser

  • At Browser put in IP address, you dont need http://, but put all digits in
  • Goto to Configuration/TCP/IP
  • Reset this from Automatic to Manual
  • At reset/safe prompt
  • Login = admin
  • Password = blank


4) Configure your ImagePrint

You now need to set Dongle number, Imageprint license number and Printer IP address

ImagePrint IP Setup App location



Enter Information at Prompt


After you install the USB dongle, the final step is to provide the IP connection and License # at the prompt


That should get you all the information you might need to do this small project yourself.  If you have any questions or if anything is unclear, please contact me here or send an email.


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