Fence and Birdhouse

FritzImages Fence and Birdhouse

It was odd, I thought to myself, that even though I lived in the house for over ten years, that I’ve never noticed this simple scene. This silly small ceramic ornamental birdhouse has been depending on the fence to allow it to dance to sun, snow and rain by the thin cord attached between them.  The cord was tied by hands that predated my purchase of the house. So day after day, weeks,months, years, and a decade I recognize this symbiotic situation.

 The light one gets living on a lake has many bends, twists and reflections. Here a sunset lake bounce and also direct rays just before the sun dipped below the tree line. For my part, I need to make a quick decision where to place the house and align to the fence edge. The laws of light fall-off suggested to me that was behind the fence would not be discovered by the light and a fast moving shutter.  A simple click, but one with a ten year story of being overlooked.

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