Good Morning Hull from Fort Revere

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This great sunrise was a gift !

I had scouted out Fort Revere for some Atlantic side images of the famous Boston Lighthouse (which I’ll post later). I was here on Telegraph Hill, on the soil that was the foundation of Fort Independence. The fort was created during the American Revolution because of its prominent overlook of Boston Harbor. Hull was also the staging point for the evacuation of Loyalists in 1778.

Hull is a city of many hills and sand bars which tie the hills together.  My visit here was to capture some very early morning lighthouse beacon images.  You’ll need to bring out the big glass here. I was using my 200-400mm with a Tc 2.0 tele convertor.  The images were statics, (except the harbor tugs), so your can set a high ISO and the AF-S sensor will pick and grab a focus fairly easily.

When I arrived a the site, it was vacant and access and movement around was no problem which was a great start for my style of photography. I took out my iphone and checked with Sun seeker where the sun was going to rise.  I noted the location but at 5:00, it was quite dark so I did not notice the sticks and shrubs that were in way of getting a clean sunrise shot.

I quickly got lost in my photography of the ocean and lighthouses.  The predawn sky faded away and I was disappointed that the horizone was a clammy grey. The sun was stuck behind a horizon of dense heavy moisture laden sea fog clouds.  I opted for some more shots around the bay and harbor lobster boats.

Soon however the sky started to glow a faint pink. The sun moves at around six feet per minute, so I changed my position quickly to my pre spotted destination, damn the tress and twigs where in the way.  This put me at a disadvantage real fast, so I put the gitzo at 6’2″, moved my D4 to a vertical position, set my focus, and I shot in manual mode and watched in wonderment at this giant orb of whose light was hesitantly being held by the fog finally burned thru which illuminated the grey fog to an orange/ping glow.

Sunrises are the first image most photographers will take.  Soon, you move past them to shoot other interests. However, one in a vast while you’ll be a spot that’s been prearranged for you to take an image and of and you need to recognize that when you receive a gift to say thanks and share.