Hitachi Deskstar 4TB

FritzImages | Hitachi Deskstar 4TB | image name = Hitachi Deskstar 4TB IO

If you shoot digital you are going to need a digital storage solution that is reliable and which can be upscaled as your library storage needs grows. My digital darkroom now depends on the Hitachi Deskstar 4TB.

UPDATE: 12/01/14  These hard drives continue to perform superbly in my MacPro and FirmTek enclosures.  However, I am creeping up on filling 8TB of images and decided to look into some Black Friday deals.  The surprise was that J&R is out of the electronics business, guess I was the last to now. So I turned to OWC and B&H, both had the drives available and the same price.  Therefore I settled on B&H, with their free shipping and ultrafast shipping I ordered four of them. So I have upped the game and 16TB ready to go.  These drives have been rock solid performers and my system have a number of empty slots ready to go.

I can trace back to 1TB solutions up to their current 4TB offering.  These particular 4TB drives has been storing all my Master images in a non-raid 3 X redundancy system running non stop since early March. When my 2X2TB Blog HDD maxed out in October, I started shopping at J&R to pick up 2X4TB upgrade replacements. The Deskstar drives are available in 2,3, or 4 TB configurations.

Trying to decipher part numbers and MFG pn is always a daunting task.  So what you are looking for is the HDS724040ALE640 made by Hitachi. It is a 7200RPM, 64MB, Sata 3 (6 GPS) 3.5″ drive, the drive has a three year warrenty.If you do head over to J&R to buy a drive or two, you’ll be looking for Item Code  OSO3355, UPC: 705487188912, the price has dropped $50 since March, so they will run you $267 each and shipping is free.  I’m not affiliated with J&R, but I am big customer of theirs when it comes to HDD’s and their aggressive pricing and quick shipping.  What you get with your purchase is the box and hard drive in an metalized farady anti-static bag and a set of screws to mount your drive into your hard drive enclosure sled. Be sure to keep your receipt as the drives have a three year warranty.

I have three enclosures each with 5 bays from FirmTek SeriTek/5PM which is a Hot-Swap, External, SATA Port Multiplier that houses most of my digital darkroom.  These enclosures with the Hitachi Deskstars have given me years of trouble free storage and I do recommend the drive and enclosures but you’ll need to make a commitment to eSATA on the enclosures.

If you are on a windows platform the HDD overcomes the 3.5TB ceiling using software drivers. However, I’m sure you know that the drive cannot be used in a RAID configuration or for a boot drive. More information on the drives can be found at Hitachi.

As far as my product shot. I am using my D4 with the AF Micro 70-180 f/4.5. I’m lighting with Alzo digital lights and processed the image in DXO, and used the new feature in CS6 under filter/render/lighting effects