Ice Fishing

Fritzimages Ice Fishing

The cold snap lasted only two weeks and the lake ice finally froze over. You can see the trail of the last vestage of flowing water as it surcommed to the cold.  It has been  a very odd year, normally the die-hard fish craze anglers are out on the ice in late December. This year it was late January.  Then only two weeks later the temperatures headed back up an the lake is now unworthy of traveling on.  With a few weeks of winter left, we may not have another deep freeze, so this has been a no-ice winter, …an extreme rarity andone for the record books….

I am sure most photographers know that shooting at white snow causes your camera sensor to make the image a dull grey. That is just a condition of the technology and not you.  A few tip to avoid this are, boost your exposure up by 1 full stop, another trick that I use is to point my camera up to the blue sky and set your exposure.  Also with the sun, you’ll tend to want to be in AWB, snow typically has a cool blue hue to in, but then again its up to you, a little warm (if you set color balance to cloudy or shade0 might be what you looking for.  Finally, you might want to try using your NIK plug-in color effects pro $ setting bleach bypass, you can get some interesting ‘white’  results.

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