NYC From Meadowlands

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I drove into the meadowlands in NJ from Albany less than a week after Sandy had hit.  My gameplan was to go back to Dekorte Park and see if there was any problems there.  The park is very remote and based on my last summer visit it did not have a lot of foot traffic.  I thought it’d be an easy way into a look at the impact on the tidal area from Sandy.

My plans were dashed as I approached the gate and was unceremoniously tuned away, even trying to negotiate my way in by telling the attendant that I’d just drove three hours didn’t help.  Well, I started back and decided very quickly that I wasn’t ready to leave. I could get around on a few access roads, and in my camera bag, I had a newly purchase Nikon 300mm f/4 and my tele convertor 1.7e II, this gave me a nice fixed length 500mm telephoto.  It was the first time shooting with the lens and right away I was going to have problems with the stock Nikon foot bracket adapting to my ball head RRS plates.  I settled for a balancing act between lens and plate and shutter release.

The late day light was all over, flat, then patches of honey gold, then cool reflection of building steel of the city.  I ended up taking a number of images at a fixed f/8, and them working them together in Photoshop.

I am looking forward to going back and see how the storm and repairs changed the landscape and buildings of DeKorte Park