Sheere Geese


Fritzimages Sheere Geese


I figured last night that with the approaching snowstorm that I would head over for some bison photos. Funny thing, the bison were located in a field that was not approachable. So it was time to make snow cones out of snowflakes.  I traveled thru the backroads looking for something that would ‘tug at my heart strings’, it was then that I passed this small pond.  I thought I caught a glimpse of something moving in the water so I looped back.

That little maneuver took longer than planned because of snow and sand plows but I found a place to park and began to scope it out. I was lucky that I had my big glass with me (200-400 w/tc2) and my RRS gimbal head, so I was set up for some birding ! The fun part about this was that the pond was 3/4 frozen and these winter critters were not about to scamper away to the far side of the pond.  I moved very slowly so as not to agitate them to much and after a while they settled into their preening routines. When they go into their preening you know that you’ve been accepted as a peaceful intruder into the environment.

The next part is really the toughest. Patience. Waiting for the moment that your critters to do something unique and being prepared to take your shot in low temps can test your resolve. Yet, I remained focused on knowing that you need to find a single subject and then spend your effort bring out the best.  There were four pair of geese on the pond, and I thought the pair here would show the best in an Image. So I waited for them and they didn’t disappoint.


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