Summer Cherry Plain

Fritzimages Summer Cherry Plain

This is another image that I took a while back that I have been archiving waiting to use when I ‘got better’ at post processing. You may have learned by now, that creating B&W starts by understanding a bit about the light and color. Here I am shooting near mid day, so there is a lot of contrast in the shadows, but I used that shadow on the tree line to help border the image to lead the eye to the vanishing point. Next lots of white puffy clouds on a deep blue sky, really means the deep blue will give you a slate grey in a B&W. This is a perfect offset to the white clouds.  So given all that I already knew at point of capture, what held me back for finishing in B&W.

Two things. A collision of two separate ideas and workflows. One recently over on Moose Peterson’s site re: finishing clouds with a ACR noise reduction, followed by a Define noise reduction and then SEP2 (structure at 80% !)…The other over at Kelby training, where Vince Versace describes his Multi-Channel Mixer action B&W film process in CS5.

For your workflow consideration, take your color image in ACR, boost your blues, do a noise reduction and then export into CS5 use the Versace method to get to a B&W, then follow up NIK define, then Moose Peterson’s tip for adding structure in the B&W with SEP2.  That’s it….


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