Boston Granite

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My early morning on the harbor side of Faneuil hall was feature rich in opportunities for image taking. It was far from the rural images of upstate NY. However, Boston is a city that I lived near and grew up by for forty years or so. A lot of misspent youth in its city night clubs nurturing local bands like the Cars, Neighborhoods, Boston, Jay Geils Band, Mission of Burma,Aerosmith. Then back in the day, The ’81 Celtics with Parrish, Bird, Ainge, McHall, ML Carr…, and push it back into my high school days, the Bruins with Orr,Cashman, Hodge. Bucyk,Esposito,Cheevers,Milbury…the city is like few others…. the locals and well heeded travlers appreaciate the caludrin of rich history, politics, sports, education and location.

No matter how often I return it remains stoically commonplace and comfortable but wildly variable and engaging.  My tour guide for the days is my daughter who now is embedded in the college life style of the city. New restaurants in the North End, secret door entrances to passageways to specialty shops for sneakers…new city sites but it is a city built with enduring Boston Granite and enduring memories for past and current life travelers….