C-47 Skytrain

FritzImages | C 47 Skytrain | image name = C 47 Skytrain IoWe had backstage passes to an early morning shooting opportunity with the C-47 Skytrain.   Once on the tarmac, you had to be inspired because there in front of you was the transport plane that some claim won the war. The fog had just burned off a bit and you could sense this plane’s place in history. Image it being prepared in foggy England with its nose pointed toward France.  The stripes of white/black warpaint on her wings identified the C-47 Skytrain as part of the D-Day invasion force.

The military history of this ship includes, campaigns in Guadalcanal, Burma,Battle of Bastogne and the Berlin Airlift. The plane was part of the British, Canadian, India and Pakistan Air force.  Most people are familiar with its role in commercial aviation as the DC-3.

Taking images of aircraft on the ground (statics) takes a lot of practice and patience and typically you don’t have much time. With these warbirds you have to get your gut and heart to go back in time and size up the bird and capture your moment. For my click, I am kneeling and in my D4 viewfinder I am catching the start of a glimmer off of the co-pilots window.  I waited a bit, let some more fog burn away and the window glass almost becomes a mirror.  Just like that, 20-30 seconds later, nothing left of the moment but what I was able to grab.

During my research for the blog, I came across a plane to plane Image of this C-47 taken in England. The plane was recently purchased by aviation legend Kermit Weeks and flown from Europe to the Fantasy of Flight living air museum in Florida.  If you have any kind of relationship with aircraft and flight you need to be sure to visit and pamper your Walter Mitty with the sights of real working and flying 1930-1950 commercial and military aircraft like a British Spitfire.