Cripes A’Mighty 3rd

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Having a chance to photograph the P51d named the Cripes A’Mighty 3rd in late morning on an empty tarmac outside her hanger was a fantastic treat. Rolling with Moose peterson sure had its perks.  We got our glass on a lot of war birds at the Fantasy of Flight.

However, most P51 buffs will recognize the name of pilot Major George Preddy and his war bird the Cripes A’Mighty.  Known because of itsWWII record of the highest kills in a P 51 aircraft.  Preddy himself had the distinction of ranking as the 3rd highest scoring ace in the European Theater.

There is a lot written about this P 51, and a few years early I had seen the plane but it was hanger bound.  As I mentioned before it really was a treat to be so close to such a magnificent machine and have a chance to take some images.

As far as my Nikon glass, I was shooting with the 24-120, @24mm, F/16 (for the starburst), vivid, and 3 shot bracket, AF_S…..very cool plane…