Desoto East Beach

So with the close of January 2013, I thought the world needed another sunrise image. I went to the Desoto East Beach location based on hunch on where the sun would rise in location to the Skyway Bridge. I was skunked by about a mile, hopefully I will get it right sometime and my special image will be captured to share in the next few years.

FritzImages | Desoto East Beach | image name = Desoto East Beach IO

For now, this image was a recovery shot, plan B, I am shooting with my D4 and 200-400mm f/4, my goal was compression and this lens at the distance was proviving a had a lot of it. The thing about this image is that the 200-400 would never give you the depth of field to put all elements in the image in focus. Just plain physics, impossible. If you pick any one element and focus on it, it is going to throw out the other two big time.  What to do. Panic ?  No, the training from my workshops with Versace says, ‘it’s Oz time’, the only thing stopping you is your own imagination. You were there, your eyes saw the scene in focus, don’t let the camera’s limitation stop you for capturing and creating what you saw.

I’m talking about Image Harvesting time.  In aperture priority mode, set you aperture, and don’t touch it for the next few minutes.  I now jump into the Maisel mode of triple bracket at 1/3 ev. I next go to live view mode.  Select one focus point closest to you in the foreground. Fire off three shots.  Next slide your focus point to the closet position on you mid ground. Take a set of images. Then finally slide that focus point to the background (i.e. horizon) and take your final set of images. That’s it. You have nine nice images, all in focus of one of three objects.

Next select three of the nine images, keeping an eye on your maintaing a brightness that is same,  bring those images into photoshop via Bridge (tool/photoshop/load files into photoshop layers). At this point you have three images in photoshop, each on thier own layer. It’s your job now to put them together like your eyes,head,heart saw them….