[Video] FlowPlayer 5 for WordPress

Update 01/01/2014

FritzImages is now recommending 

FV WordPress Flowplayer  for creating videos for my website.

The free version is feature rich, works well and integrates well with WP. The plugin developers and support are very active with new releases to keep up with changes in Word Press releases and other issues with plugin compatibility (i.e. Yoast SEO) .  I have converted all site videos over to using FV WordPress Flow player.


FritzImages | [Video] FlowPlayer 5 for WordPress | image name = FlowPlayer5

At long last IT IS HERE…FlowPlayer 5 for wordpress,  This plugin comes from the parent company of Flowplayer 5.  The HTML5 software was initially released in October, 2012. For the unintiated, HTML5 is a type of new video player format used on ipads/iphones.  You see, Steve jobs wanted  his inventions to start using a new player technology and move away from Adobe Flash video players. There are a lot of companies that are releaseing HTML5 video players. However there are only five companies trying to be the first HTML5 player for wordpress.  In my reseach over the last several months to get HTML5 on FritzImages, I have looked at and tested all the players and companies and everyone has a different angle

Suffice to say, that if you want a free, elegant solution Flowplayer5 has you covered. This plugin for WP was released only five days ago ! My download was number 101. These past few days, I have put it thru the tests, and it has a few quirks but a quick call into the developer and we’ll begin to iron them out tommorrow.

First and foremost Flowplayer 5 allows you to embedd a H.256 video into your web post.  They have developed a very unique way of prompting you to add your videos. Very unique and I like it a lot. Some features include adding your own logo (must buy commecial icense $95), add a splash screen,  resize, autostart,Google Analaytics, and three skins to choose from.

Your viewers can then use their ipads to see your content in retenia quality and in an improved color space. FlowPlayer5 works on your ipad as advertised, the video your watching does not drop back to apple quicktime. The features of FlowPlayer5 are enabled by pressing the ? key. FritzImages | [Video] FlowPlayer 5 for WordPress | image name = Flowplayer5 Video functions

There is a lot more to review about this Flowplayer5, for now you can check out there site, flowplayer.org. Here is a working sample of a video formated in H.256 using Flowplayer5: Download Here: FlowPlayer 5 for WordPress