Glass Lake Geese


It was the start of another early summer morning. It was not hard to convince myself that the commute to work would have to wait. I grabbed my Nikon D4 w/a 70-200 f/4 and tc/1.7 and walked down towards the lake.  The morning sun was coming up from behind the small mountain behind me and casted its weak glowing rays on the trees across the lake.  It is a wonderful morning and the cool stillness of the water is muffled further by a slight veil of lake fog.

Just as I settled in to enjoy the moment, the honking of some approaching geese added sound to scenery.  I quickly checked a few settings on the D4, (aperture priority and continuos focus) looked up and the pair flew closely across my position.  It has been awhile, but good panning techniques kicked in, as the D4 and I captured a few simple early AM clicks of the gliding geese against the monotone reflections of the lake.

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