Holiday Berries


FritzImages | Holiday Berries | image name = Fi Holiday Berries IO

The fresh snow from a December dusting filled the voids between the stems of the red holiday berries.  Thousands of berries still cling to the tree waiting for starving foraging birds to pick away at the bitter tasting fruit.

This tree of berries and I have a ongoing contest.  The tree doesn’t want to give up a perfect image or rather I’m still not skilled enough to get ‘the image’ of this feisty aboral model.  I find the challenge ongoing in all seasons and in all weather environments and in all the seasonal plumage of the branches. Not to mention with various lens and equipment settings.

In the end it is I think about composition, the challenge to select and isolate what your subject is and then control the background.  And let’s not forget gesture and color.

This image comes from the Nikon D4 and the new 58mm f/1.4.  There is a certain “it” factor with this lens. It is what I call a thoroughbred lens, you have to work with it for quite a while to understand how it sees the world.  It has a different focus feel to it, in a special good way.  It is accurate wide open with wispy soft bokeh and soft edges off the focus plane.  I’ve found that CL or CH with 9 focus points provides better focus setting than the other choices you have.  I could not get this image with any other lens in my bag, it is a unique piece of glass…yet enough about the 58mm.

December has been a productive month for the back office technology that keep this blog going. The varied changes and updates have precluded me writing as many blogs as normal but sometimes you need to make an investment away from commitments in order to open up more time for future endeavors. Huh? I mean, Sometime you can’t fix the car while it’s running.

I’ll be attending a workshop by Amy this weekend then off to Florida for a few weeks of shorebirds shooting.  I expect to squeeze in a few more blogs however that might not be possible.

So Season Greetings and Happy Holidays from Fritzimages