Kinderhook Creek

FritzImages | Kinderhook Creek | image name = Kinderhook Creek Vert IO

What is one to do after a major storm hits your area. Why travel around and take some images !  My goal was to find some running streams on this very bright but very cold and blustery day and get a chance to use the Lee Filter know as the Big Stopper.  With no clear direction in mind, I just began heading south, and ended up “at bend in the river where the children are.” or Kinderhook.  That name was given to the area by Henry Hudson when he landed nearby and saw all the native indians kids playing and living at the hook of the river.  The importance of the Kinderhook creek dates back to the founding of the very first cotton and paper factories which were powered by Kinderhook creek.

As I was scouting some of the backroads here, I happened onto this stream which feeds into the Kinderhook. With little room for parking due to the remnants of winter storm Nemo, I pulled over to the curb lifted up the trunk, grabbed the the D4 w/70-200 f/4, screwed in a 62mm to 72mm setp up adapter ring and attached the Stopper, and headed into the snowbanks.  Using the Stopper is very easy and intuitive. The big thing to remember is to manually focus your shot first. You cannot see thru your DLSR viewfinder with a thick piece of black glass in front of it. The second part of the formula is to be sure to compose on your subject beforehand for the same reasons.  You can move the Stopper glass around out of the way in its holder, but mittens and friction can make this a problem.  I was able to use live view for composition, but just barely.

As you know by now, scouting your location means looking around 360 degrees. After I shot upstream images looking west, (which were to contrasty and hot), the images of downstream where much more appealing to me.  Here the Big stopper is applied and the shutter speed increased to 15sec. I took a series of images with 5 sec manual bracketing.  As I finished my last shot, a State Trooper came by and chided me for being a traffic obstruction, luckily I was quite prepared to leave, because I was frozen and had my images….