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I have not figured out why this little Nuthatch pip-squeak of feathers so easily terrorizes all the other critters around the feeder.  These little guys are like mini P-51′s, they dive in, solo, then anything with wings goes into hiding, and god forbid if a chickadee is resting on branches.  Why is this critter given such a wide berth ? I’ve yet to see him tangle with another critter. It’s like an unwritten rule, when the Nuthatch dives in, get out of his way.  My guess is that little pointed sword beak must be reason. It looks like it can leave a punch mark.

For the shot, I picked up the D3s and popped on the new 70-200 F/4 and added a tc1.7. I’ve been wanting to see if I could get in within the lens 3′ focus range.  For the past few weeks my shots have been eye level with the 200-400. So with a nice blue sky as a background, I headed out to the car and hid, waiting for the critters to come to me.  It was a bit nippy, but the gear can handle the temps better than I could. My self assignment was to shoot upward and grab a decent silhouette of each of the five or six species that fly in for seeds.  The nuthatch with his interesting silhouette running parallel with the branches, ended being my pick of the shoot.

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