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I just received a couple of the new 10 channel auto-sensing transceiver Pocketwizard Plus X. I am a big fan of the wizard products, and when I read about the specs and capabilities of these units I was intrigued. Then when I saw the price at $99/ea, I decided to spring for a pair.

These bad boys have a range of 1,600 feet.  Probably the best feature right out of the box is that you just set your channels. Place one on top of your hot shoe and then connect the second to your speed flash with the supplied cable and your done. That’s it.  For us Nikon shooters, you’ll need to forgo using TLL. Your flash will need to be setup in Manual mode.  That is not usually a problem and a number of flash guys recommend that it’s the best way to go.

Another great feature is that these units are backward compatible with all pocketwizard products. If your wondering what the difference between this unit and the recently release Pocket wizard III, this unit is $50 cheaper, and the zone A,B,C,D are not available to you.

One feature that was shown on PW+X webinar by Mark Wallace was the remote focus and trigger capabilities. Mark had a camera rigged from the rear of a car and was snapping images of a trailing motorcycles. Remote autofocus is a primary reason to have these around when shooting wildlife. I also use the remote focus and trigger when shooting videos for the blog.

In order to make the remote trigger and remote dynamic autofocus features work with your Nikon D4, you should check out a blog I did a few months ago using the PW3.  I asked during the chat if the same cable was used and they confirmed the same configuration can be used on the Pocketwizard Plus X.

The only nit, I have with the new gear, is that you’ll need to get a few double AA’s as they are not supplied.

To counter the nit, the channel selectors are backlit red. That is a nice design feature. I’m usually setting these things up in dim lit rooms or during darkness, and trying to coordinate headlamps over tiny switches is a nit.

Finally, you can connect the Pocketwizard Plus X to your D4 (with a purchased cable), then use a second Pocketwizard Plus X to remotely trigger your camera and flash in TTL mode.


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