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It is BUILT……strong and bulky ! It is a massive electronic cement block, holding 5 bays of Hard Digital Drives (HDD) or Solid State Drives (SSD).  You can put any size or type drive into the hot swap enclosure bays.  The FirmTek SeriTek/5PM Enclosure  was introduced in 2008 and I now have it running 24X7 with 5bays loaded with 4GB HDD. It runs on high octane only, i.e. no usb2,usb3,firewire or thunderbolt….leave those cables and ports for the kids.

It is running on your systems eSata Bus (300MB/sec). The SeriTek/5PM enclosure has embedded in its backbone the FirmTek multiport esata motherboard which gives each drive its own eSata linking back to one cable input.  In your fingertips, can be, 20TB that can be accessed thru one cable to your laptop or mainframe. The only catch to firing up this beast …is you’ll need to bypass the consumer grade ports and get serious with an eSata card adaptor for your laptop or mainframe.

Now I am going on my fourth SERITEK/5PM. I am very big on backup, and want to take it to the next level and have offsite backup. These baby’s have run four years non stop for me. Thru 110 degree summers to 30 degree winters. Thru massive power failures and tons of quick one off brown out failures. My drives have not had any issues nor have the enclosures.  These are not inexpensive, thin metal toy enclosures, with all sorts of software made for the masses. These are industrial grade enclosures, pure and simple. Put your hard drive in the enclosure chassis, slap the drive in, see the light engage, lock it down and you are done.  A soothing, self regulating fan purrs as air runs up thru the well ventilated chassis. If the power is interrupted, the enclosure sings its warning for you and awaits your response. I keep my enclosures power by an uninterruptible battery supply with a 1/2 hour capacity.

My workflow is not set up for speedy read/writes, 300MB/sec is fine for me.. I do not raid my enclosure drives for static storage or speed. Raid has not been good to me with other enclosure systems that I have had. So I have tossed the Raid process out of the window for static storage application.. However I do use raid on my workstation with a 2x4TB HDD to create a massive 8TB system drive, that stores all images from day one. I then dupe from this massive drive, 1 year of images and duplicated that year on 2 separate HDD. I have double drives for 2010, 2011,2012.  In my model, I have triple redundancy for all aspects of my work. I use 100% of the Firmtek SeriTek/5PM for static image storage. The enclosures, they never get a day off. On all the time, 24X7.

My main Firmtek SeriTek/5PM is configure like this:

  1. A1-2TB:FritzImages photos Jan 01 2013 ->
  2. A2-4TB:Blog
  3. A3-2TB:Video
  4. A4-1TB:DropBox
  5. A5: 2TB:Downloads/Files/FritzImages2 (non DLSR)

My workflow and backup process has evolved over the years and this enclosure has endured many reconfigurations with its HDD adaptability. Things have settled into a routine workflow which can be scaled upwards and it is now time for some off site storage to relieve my stress over a catastrophic life event. Fritzimages has been three years in the cyber world and all those electronic bits and pieces need a safe harbor. I could think of no other enclosure to take care of the challenge then this big monster. Highly recommended when your ready to get out of the sandbox and play in the electronic highways with big boy toys :)….

Where to buy: OWC my friends….Mac friendly gear, good prices, excellant service, good shipping speed and a recommended supplier by someone who is fairly pickey about the need for suppliers to provide ‘value add’ services..

FritzImages | Review Firmtek SeriTek/5PM enclosure | image name = OWC copy

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