St Petes Beach

I remember being at a photo workshop and there was a fantastic sunset and grand scenery and the group of us were firing away at the moment. I was near Joe McNally and he said with absolute aplomb, ‘You can make any fantastic scene better with people, just give me one person in front of any landscape image and it’ll come alive’.

How true..there maybe a time and place when it is not, but not here. This fishing pier, at the end of St Petes Beach,without the people, their fishing rods and conversations would be a lifeless seascape.  You would have to agree that the sunset and ocean are the subject but without our human actors it would seem to be a sterile stage…

FritzImages | St Petes Beach | image name = St. Petes Beach IO

With any situation like this, it is your chance as a photographer to try and create some unique shots that for you reflect the moment of being here.  Your feet are your best tool, moving around to isolate and select your subjects. With silhouettes simple is usually better.  I also remember a tip that Rick Sammon passed along, ‘go close with silhouettes’, fill the frame is often the best practice.

FritzImages | St Petes Beach | image name = Couple Fishing IO

So with that in mind, I was able to frame this young girl gazing at her last moments on St Petes Beach.

FritzImages | St Petes Beach | image name = Last Gaze IO




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