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I had already spent the better half of the day shooting shorebirds at Fort DeSoto. As I was making my way back to the hotel, I drove near a large craft show in the city of St Petersburg. Great ! It was time to work on my urban shooting skills that were starting to fade from my Jay Maisel workshop.  One of the last things he said to me at the class was, “Shoot People”. Jay, an acclaimed photogrpaher, lives and roams the streets of NYC, grabbing creative and wonderful images based on the elements of light, gesture and color.

After being away from street photography it took some time for me to return to that urban visualization groove.  I roamed thru the 4 block fair, and soon my subject appeared, not at eye level, but low, curb low. I saw the harsh light and shadows first, the hands and then colors.  My first shot was a picture. Quickly however,with eye contact and spoken words, the artist and I, by Jay’s definition, had entered into portrait taking session.  The hands became much more important to the image, I was shooting with the D4 and the 70-200 F/4. I figured with sunglasses on, that keeping eyes in focus was not relative so I set my camera focus point on the fingers. Fortunately I was about 12 feet away and at 200mm was able to have adequate field and depth of view for a clean portrait.

After a few words, I was presented a business card with more infomration on Wise Angel and M Hakima. I would encourage you to take a moment and visit the links at:


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