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FlowPlayer 5 for WordPress

  At long last IT IS HERE…FlowPlayer 5 for wordpress,  This plugin comes from the parent company of Flowplayer 5.  The HTML5 software was initially released in October, 2012. For the unintiated, HTML5 is a type of new video player format used on ipads/iphones.  You see, Steve jobs wanted  his inventions to start using a […]

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PhotoCart V7 Review

ou may have noticed that the post output was getting thin these past two weeks.  The grey cold weather and some stay at home vacation time had me focusing on improving the FritzImage “back office”.  One area that that I upgraded was PhotoCart 7.  The biggest advantage to both of us is that this Image […]


Whos Amung US

This is an application that I began using over a year ago. The pro version is a paid premium service of $5/month.  What I get is a lot of things, like the user graphic, number of people on line timeline during th day, month,year, world maps, country percent, and other basic eyecandy info like that. […]



This is your killer app if you have a web site and need to blog in content.  I have hated opening up a special session to go into word press to put in content. The login process, the site load up, is just not timely.  You know when the moment hits. you want to write!!!! […]

Vault Press


A big setback with the site at the start of the 2011 year !!  Lots of research and advice flying around, but the hero of the day is an IT technician (more on him later) over at VaultPress.   What is VaultPress? … First I will digress….  my web host (Go Daddy) provider does not […]

Digimarc watermark

When I first started putting Images and content out on the WWW, I knew there was no way to really control content or copyright protection. I could watermark photos and put a copyright mark on them but that was about it, and I think watermarks are distracting. Watermarks may have a definite place in wedding, […]


Besides the Front end of the site , which you see, ie IMAGES, media content,and info content, there is a lot going on in the background

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