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Adobe_Labs_ACR_8.4_for_Photoshop_CC_R3 by Ed Fritz

ACR 8.4 beta for Photoshop CC for D4s

FritzImages notice for Nikon D4s owners using Photoshop CC you must download ACR 8.4 release candidate to use ACR. I just came back from some very frigid winter weather shooting with my new Nikon D4s. Surprise, surprise that I could not launch Photoshop CC from Photomechanic after I ingested my images. The problem was that […]

fritzimages seritek/5pm

Review Firmtek SeriTek/5PM enclosure

  t is BUILT……strong and bulky ! It is a massive electronic cement block, holding 5 bays of Hard Digital Drives (HDD) or Solid State Drives (SSD).  You can put any size or type drive into the hot swap enclosure bays.  This MACHINE was introduced in 2008 by FirmTek and is called the SeriTek/5PM. It […]

Fritzimages ImageOptim


  ere is a software tip for you. If you are looking to compress your images for your Web Blog, or for any other reason, here is a very simple and ver effective FREE open source software for your MAC.  I have been using for the past several months now without any problems or loss […]

Fritzimages Pocketwizard Graphic

Sekonic now fires Pocketwizards in ControlTL mode

ntil now, the Sekonic 758 light meter has only been able to trigger PocketWizards configured to Standard Channel with Basic trigger mode set. This also required you to set your Nikon Speedlight/FlexTT5 from TTL mode to Manual thus disabling all the functionality of TTL. This limitation also prohibited you using a Pocketwizard AC3/MiniTT1/FlexTT5 on camera […]

Fritzimages Save For Web

FritzImage File WorkFlow

have been wanting to do this blog for a while.  You see no one really told me when I first started out any particularly good file workflow.  As I have stumbled thru different attempts I have evolved to something logical and repeatable, and thought it might help out a fellow photographer or two…. First, It […]

Fritzimages OnOne

Sweet Suites Tiffen-NIK-OnOne

hotoshop world 2011 @Vegas is over. The sweet news coming out is that the plugins suites from Tiffen, Nik and OnOne have all been upgraded and for a very limited time you can get the upgrades at a reduced price, and save yourself  $40-60 bucks (if you own and upgrade all three) TIFFEN Dfx V3 […]


NX2 Batch and Bake Part2

We left off in yesterdays post, NX2 Batch and Bake Part1, creating, saving and naming a preset for the purpose of zeroing out in-camera sharpening using Nikons NX2 Picture Control Develop section. The purpose of the todays workflow is to (using yesterdays defined preset) batch your source NEFs, output them as TIFFs and store them in […]

Capture Nx2_4

NX2 Batch and Bake Part1

Several months ago, I found out that I was unwittingly adding a global output sharpening element to my camera images via the NIKON D3 Shooting menu. I knew how to undo this on an individual files in NX2 from my teachings with Jason Odell.  However when I started to add Image harvesting in my creative workflow […]