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CamRanger at DeSoto

  typically have my head in the sand with these low to ground Images. My friend Vincent Versace, ‘out-tecked’ me in April when he unveiled a unit called the CAMRANGER.  I immediately purchased the gizmo and used it off and on during the year.  However I was going to really apply the Fritzimages Field test […]

Customer Setting b4

Easy Ev

For those Nikon users, that are using the D3 series, and I encourage other Nikon body users to check this tip out.  I will start out with, that even after a few years with this machine stuck to my face and pondering all of its dials, button, features and software,,,,I thought I had most of […]

Illustration from Lloyd Chambers Making Sharper Images

09/21/10 News-D3s Live View

Lloyd Chamber’s new e-guide is called ‘Making Sharper Images‘ In this guide he references his Live View (LV) video for D3s owners. You will definitely get peak sharpness using LV, mirror lock up and a remote. LV sharpness results are very good in low light. are very good with long lens. are important for landscape […]

D3s In Stock

My site has seen a number of recent hits about people searching for Nikon D3s. I’ve read else where that they are shipping again and that stock is supposed to be available soon. However, if you need a recommendation beyond the big three, here is a link to follow Kenmore Cameras, Washington State.

In Stock D3s

During the pre resurrection period of my D3, I reflected that after 50,000 shots that maybe it was a sign to start looking into the new D3s. Everything being written about this camera has been superlative, from Moose and Lloyd Chambers and the numerous other review sites.

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