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Adobe_Labs_ACR_8.4_for_Photoshop_CC_R3 by Ed Fritz

ACR 8.4 beta for Photoshop CC for D4s

FritzImages notice for Nikon D4s owners using Photoshop CC you must download ACR 8.4 release candidate to use ACR. I just came back from some very frigid winter weather shooting with my new Nikon D4s. Surprise, surprise that I could not launch Photoshop CC from Photomechanic after I ingested my images. The problem was that […]

Maverick Install3

Review of Mavericks for Photographers

The release of OSX 10.9 Mavericks caused me to ponding that it was time for a ‘clean install’ and a bottom up fresh installation of all my software. The last time I did a full clean install was in the summer of 2009 when ‘Snow Leopard’  (10.6) was released for $29.  Since then, Apple has […]

Nikon Capture NX2 V2.2.5 Release

This release by Nikon for their digital Image workflow software known as Nikon capture has been anticipated for a while. There is a lot of expectations on my part and perhaps the larger user community for some features… What are we looking for? basically a product that is not so buggy that goes into crash […]

Tiffen Dfx 20% Sale

This is one set of plugs in that I have been waiting to drop in price, and discounts are rare, and my NAPP membership is not part of their stable…..so when I received this information…I didn’t wait long to put into my photoshop workflow….the plugin filter set is superb, the work interface is intuitive with […]

Nik Viveza 2 64bit release

Lordy, Lordy Lordy…..it’s finally released……and with an apology….as you may be aware the NIK suite is slowing down 3/4 of the photog’s pc’s in the world because you have to disable Photoshop’s 64bit to use their currect old school  sw. I wasn’t to thrilled throttling back the new PS CS5 ….other plug-in mfg.’s had stepped […]

OnOne Software CS5 Update

FYI- The update for OnOne Suite 5 has been release, and the product is now compatible with CS5 and is 64 bit compatible.  The upgrade is free to registered users of current version. The Plud-In Suite 5 is also on sale for $100 off .  In my workflow I’ll use Genuine Fractals, Focal Point and […]

Nikon View NX release

NIkon has announced an update for their ViewNX Software….. Yay…and now it works with the August 2009 Snow Leopard release… Better late than never, but the Nikon folks did not have their core imaging software compatible with SL powered MACs for about six months. What a way to disenfranchise your install base and then not […]