Image of Clam Cove by Photogrpaher Ed Fritz

Clam Cove

  As I moved down onto the tidal flats my thoughts were how to convey the expansiveness of the cove and the fact that it must have been a good place to gather clams, hence the name Clam Cove. While it was still morning light, I decided to use the Lee Big Stopper, the plan […]

Image of Yesterday's Morning by Photographer Ed Fritz

Yesterday’s Morning

It was a very long day and a late nite out with someone special but Yesterday’s Morning was as full of beauty as it was optimism. I was back in the town of Hull at one of my favorite shooting locations. The sun accentuated with highlights the ripple like clouds just before it appeared on […]

Image of Dusky Camden by Photographer Ed Fritz

Dusky Camden

After the owner took my last twelve bucks for a pizza, he said 15 minutes and I headed out for a short walk to Camden harbor. I had just finished a great day of shooting at Rockport and a sunset shoot at Horner Pond. My D4s and 24-120 were still ready for some dusky Camden […]

Image of Portsmouth Harbor by Photographer Ed Fritz

Portsmouth at Night

  I was a long time New Hampshire citizen, spending over 30 years living near the seacoast. My daughter and her friends let the old man tag along for a great pizza at the Gaslight in Portsmouth,NH…Soon the pizza was devoured and now that she is 21 the nightlife called, the girls were gone and […]

Image of Camden Reflection by Photographer Ed Fritz

Camden Reflection

  I have just about finished up on my new Blog format so I’ll be able to post up images more frequently, that is the plan. I have traveled up to Camden Maine to look for a summer gig at the Maine Media Center. My interviews were over yesterday and I was happy to get […]

Image of Cedar Waxwing and Cherry Tree by Ed Fritz

Cedar Waxwing and Cherry Apples

  For some reason this year has seen my home on the migratory path of Robins and Cedar Waxwings. In the ten years that I have been here this is the only year that there is an abundance of these two birds types gorging on bitter sweet berries and cherry apples. I took this shot […]

Image of Pie Squared Pastry by Photographer Ed Fritz

Pie Squared Bakery

  I visited the Pie Squared Bakery after service for a coffee and a freshly baked chocolate chip muffin. The walls of this quaint bakery/coffee house hang with art but little in the way of Images of their artistic pastries and tasty sweets.  While I was consuming my coffee I was thinking about the blessings […]

H_FI_20140313_0102_Barberville_Falls_Revisted_IO by ed fritz

Barberville Falls Revisited

  I have been waiting for quite some time to head over to Barberville Falls during a winter snowstorm.  When the forecast said snow and freezing temps I knew that it was my “go time’.  Living in upstate NY you automatically have your snow gear ready.  What was going to be new was that I […]

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